Top 10 melodii din seriale coreene

 범키 BUMKEY – When I Saw You – Korean Odyssey

Suran (수란) – Heartbeat – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Sondia – 어른 (Grown Ups) My Mister

로꼬, 펀치 (Loco, Punch) – Say Yes – Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Yoonmirae (t 윤미래) – Touch love (터치 러브) – Master`s sun

신용재 (SHIN YONG JAE) – Feel You, Flower of Evil

Kim Ez (김이지) (꽃잠프로젝트) – Eye Contact (눈맞춤) Suspicious Partner

Secret Garden OST – That Woman (Baek Ji Young)

Loco & U Seungeun – Little Prince (별) | Memories of the Alhambra 

My Secret Romance(애타는 로맨스) OST – Same(똑같아요)

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